Friday Cat Blogging – 1 December 2017

Last week I was looking out the window and noticed that the sun was shining brightly on my neighbor’s bougainvillea plant. Then one of the cats walked by on the top of the fence. I went out with my camera and immediately realized that a picture of a cat with the bougainvillea in the background would be spectacular.

However, the sun only shined properly twice a day, for about half an hour. And the cat had to be positioned just so in order to get the right angle. Needless to say, the cats cooperated about as well as you’d expect. I’d put Hopper on the fence and she’d immediately walk away. Hilbert would hop onto the fence, but by the time I got outside he’d decide to jump into the neighbor’s yard. In the afternoon I’d see Hopper heading toward the right spot, but as soon as she saw me she’d scurry behind a plant. (She’s afraid—with good reason—that I might be planning to pick her up and take her inside. She likes to make me play a little bit first before she agrees to be escorted inside.)

Long story short, I finally got the picture I wanted. Close enough, anyway. And it was even with the right cat, since Hilbert’s black face contrasts with the flowers ideally. He is today’s supermodel for the cover of Feline Vogue.