Top 10 Photos of 2017

Here are my ten favorite lunchtime photos of 2017. They are not in any particular order.

Have I mentioned before how much better they look on a 4K monitor? Not to mention that everything else looks better too. After using one for the past year, ordinary “his-res” monitors now seem like browsing the internet with foggy glasses on. If this is something you care about, run, don’t walk to your favorite computer dealer and get a 4K monitor. They’re less than $300 these days.

#1. Sunset at the old Tustin Marine Corps Air Station.

#2. Boy at Huntington Beach.

#3. Fireworks on the 4th of July.

#4. Winston Churchill and the Houses of Parliament.

#5. Balloons at Disneyland.

#6. The Santiago foothills at dawn.

#7. Yellow house in Ballina.

#8. Tomatoes.

#9. Two men in Kenmare.

#10. Monarch butterfly on a milkweed plant.

#11. Exasperated girl at Disneyland.