A Quick Summary of Proposals to Reduce Gun Violence

Jeff Malet/NC via ZUMA

Let’s recap the Republican proposals so far to reduce school gun massacres:

  • Arm teachers with handguns.
  • Turn our schools into hardened bunkers.
  • Stun grenades in every classroom.
  • More police officers patrolling the halls at all times.
  • Deny guns to any teenager accused of mental problems by someone else.
  • Loosen gun laws so that more people in public are armed.

Have I hit the high points? The insanity here is jaw dropping. I could at least respect an argument that says gun rights are so important that it’s worth protecting them even at the price of more mass slaughters. I wouldn’t especially agree, but it’s the kind of argument I might make in some free speech cases. This flat-out lunacy, however, is beyond belief. Do the NRA folks really believe this stuff? Or are they just getting so desperate that they’re willing to toss out anything that might muddy the waters?