Hey Orange County Residents: What Is This?

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of odd contrails in the sky, and today I got some pictures with my phone. Here’s what the path looks like at the start of their flight:

I’m pretty sure airplanes don’t take off at a 45 degree angle. So it’s a missile test of some kind, right? Or a military jet? Here’s the middle of the path:

And here’s the end of the path as it flies out over the Pacific Ocean:

I’ve enhanced this photo so you can see another odd thing: the black trail ahead of the contrail. The missile, or whatever it is, is following the exact path of some earlier missile without the slightest deviation. I don’t doubt the precision of our armaments, but this seems almost creepily accurate.

Also: it’s coming from the south, so it’s not something out of Vandenberg. Do they test missiles from Camp Pendleton? Does anyone know what this is?

UPDATE: The black trail is the shadow of the contrail. I’ve never seen that before, so that’s pretty interesting. The airplane/missile/UFO is still a bit of a mystery, though. The betting money in comments is that this is an ordinary commercial jet flying out of San Diego, and the steep angle of ascent is just a trick of perspective. That seems really unlikely to me. I never saw anything like this until about a month or so ago, and since then I’ve seen it several times. And anyway, San Diego is just too far away for this. Maybe something out of Ontario? Or March air base? Or a new aircraft carrier floating around on Lake Elsinore?