DC Councilman Believes Rich People Control the Weather

This is an actual headline from earlier today:

D.C. Councilman Apologizes for Claiming That Jews Control the Weather

This is being played as a guy who’s such a moron he didn’t realize that “Rothschilds control _____” is code for “Jews control _____ .” After reading his muddled apology, I can believe that. But that leaves one teensy little problem. This guy is a DC city councilman. Before that he was on the Board of Education. And he believes that rich people are controlling the weather so they can make lots of money by creating natural disasters. He’s just decided it’s not specificially Jewish rich people who are doing this.

Does anyone care about that? Neither of the two stories I read even bothered to mention it. Is this what we’ve come to in the era of Trump? WTF?

POSTSCRIPT: If anyone’s defense of White is that lots of politicians believe batshit crazy stuff, then I guess I have to say…

…that, um, you’ve got a point. We h. sapiens are a helluva species, aren’t we?