The Tesla 3 Blue Screens Every Few Days


Edmunds got hold of a Tesla Model 3 and has driven it for a few thousand miles. They are not thrilled with the build quality:

Body panel gaps are inconsistent, reflecting a lack of attention to detail….After we brought ours home, we discovered it also had a cracked vanity mirror and a broken driver’s seat shell. In our first six weeks, we’ve had to do the equivalent of a Windows PC’s Ctrl-Alt-Del reboot of the all-important touchscreen about a dozen times.

We’ve called a Tesla service center about the problems, but have had difficulty getting an appointment. Drive-ups were not welcome, so our parts were ordered based on photographs alone. Weeks later, we’re still waiting for word and it’s hard to get answers.

The touchscreen controls almost literally everything aside from steering and the foot pedals. If it decides to go belly-up, you have no windshield wipers, no radio, no headlights, no nothing. If it dies every 250 miles, that’s a problem. Elon Musk better get this fixed pronto.