Why Does Scott Pruitt Need a Bulletproof Desk, a Bulletproof Car, and $3 Million in 24/7 Security?

Cheriss May/NurPhoto via ZUMA

Donald Trump stands by his man:

Death threats! My goodness. Well, let’s see them:

This is shocking. The president of the United States is just baldly lying? But that’s not all. He’s not even putting his heart into it:

Are you following Philippe Reines on Twitter? You should be. Reines is a famously, um, colorful guy who’s a longtime Hillary Clinton aide, and after she lost he took to Twitter and decided he didn’t give a shit what he said anymore. This naturally makes him great fun to read.

Oh, and as long as we’re on the subject of Pruitt, Michael Grunwald has a long piece in Politico making the point that Pruitt hasn’t actually accomplished much. He’s certainly good at self-promotion, but the fact is that rolling back EPA rules takes years of careful, detailed work. Will Pruitt pay attention long enough to do any of that? We’ll see. But so far it doesn’t seem like it. The press coverage seems to be what he’s really after.