Friday Cat Blogging – 18 May 2018

We got our patio cover painted a couple of days ago, so I figured today’s catblogging should be a picture of Hilbert frolicking on the newly painted wood. Naturally he didn’t take the hint on his own, so I picked him up and deposited him up there. He loves prowling around on the patio cover, so he immediately started investigating things.

I took lots of pictures, but unfortunately I wasn’t really paying attention to the shutter speed, which was much too low. Pretty much everything was just a blur of Hilbert flopping and rolling and sticking his nose through the slats. So this morning I hauled him up again. The bad news is that he just roamed around on the roof and then got bored and came down. The good news is that I happened to get this one terrific shot of him. You’ll just have to take my word that he’s posing on a freshly-painted patio cover.

POSTSCRIPT: Hilbert will not be on our new team of disinformation killers. He was willing to work cheap, but we eventually disqualified him for his inability to understand that “disinformation” did not apply to dog food commercials. However, if you’d like to make a donation to help pay the human members of our team, click here.