Heckuva Job, Stevie

Ryan Zinke, moral standard for our nation's youth.Lou Maheda/Planet Pix via ZUMA

The Guardian reports that all climate science at the Department of the Interior is now being reviewed by an old pal of Secretary Ryan Zinke:

Prominent US climate scientists have told the Guardian that the Trump administration is holding up research funding as their projects undergo an unprecedented political review by the high-school football teammate of the US interior secretary.

Oh, come on. Just because the guy used to play high-school ball with Zinke doesn’t make his PhD in geophysics worth less than anyone else’s. We should probably cut him some—

Steve Howke, one of Zinke’s high-school football teammates, oversees this review. Howke’s highest degree is a bachelor’s in business administration. Until Zinke appointed him as an interior department senior adviser to the acting assistant secretary of policy, management and budget, Howke had spent his entire career working in credit unions.