Republicans Are All Going to Jail

Jeez, I go out to lunch, and when I get back everyone in the Republican Party is going to jail. Paul Manafort is going to jail. Michael Cohen is going to jail. Rep. Duncan Hunter might be going to jail. And of course, we already know that Michael Flynn and George Papadopoulos and Rick Gates are going to jail. Rep. Chris Collins might be going to jail too. Eric Greitens might be going to jail. I suppose Reps. Pat Meehan and Blake Farenthold probably aren’t going to jail, but they both had to resign from Congress after getting caught in some minor peccadilloes.

Any way you add it up, that’s a lot of corruption. You’d almost think it was a trend or something.

I guess Donald Trump is holding a rally in West Virginia right about now. That should be a helluva barn burner, don’t you think? Maybe I’ll go watch.