Health Update

This isn’t a real health update, since I’ve gotten no new test results lately and my health is, therefore, unchanged since last time. However, I did see my oncologist yesterday, and he seemed so happy with my overall response to the miracle drug Darzalex that he decided I could stop taking the old-school Velcade along with it. This is good, since Velcade produces steadily increasing peripheral nueropathy which is not only annoying, but possibly permanent as well. With Velcade off the menu, my neuropathy should start to recede, and maybe even disappear completely within a few months.

My doctor also offered to reduce the evil dex from 20 mg to 12 mg, but I’m such a nerd I turned him down. I prefer to make one change at a time, so if something happens we know for sure what caused it. But if everything looks good during my next visit in November, we’ll take the dex down to 12 mg, and then probably eliminate it a month or two after that.

So that’s that. The Darzalex seems to be doing its job, and within a couple or three months I’ll be off the evil dex. After that, it will just be maintenance doses of Darzalex pretty much forever. Hooray!