Lunchtime Photo

This is yet another in my (nowhere near finished!) Overexposed LA™ series. It is, of course, the original Tommy’s at Beverly and Rampart, one of Los Angeles’s great contributions to the culinary arts.

The first Tommy’s I went to was the location in Eagle Rock in 1976 when I was a freshman at Caltech. “Who’s up for a Tommy’s run?” someone asked, and not knowing any better, I said sure, I’ll go. It was only when we got there and ordered that I realized the burger was drowning in chili, which didn’t really appeal to me. But what can you do? So I ate it, and a long love affair began. Luckily, Tommy’s now has a couple of locations in Orange County, so I can go anytime I want. And I do.

June 22, 2018 — Los Angeles