January/February 1996

“We’re in a true evolutionary transition. Governments make decisions about the world’s climate and atmosphere. Businesses succeed or fail on the basis of fast-breaking changes in medicine and agriculture. Individuals and families have new choices, new powers, and new ways to solve problems. The transition also presents pressing ethical issues.”—Walter Truett Anderson

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Best political jokes, Sexing chicks, Newt therapy from Nicole Hollander, Ruth Shalit’s familiar ring, Mother Jones beats the New York Times, The new red scare, A real American workplace., MoJo’s February Hellraiser, The Countdown to Indictment continues


Fourteen years ago, Michael Castleman was treated as a kook for his sperm report.





Inside Newt’s plan to gut Medicare and enrich one of his biggest contributors.

Anniversary issue: 20 ways we’ve changed

Maya Angelou, David Brower, Betty Friedan, Eduardo Galeano, Anthony Lewis, Camille Paglia, Laura D’Andrea Tyson, Paul Wellstone, Bob Woodward, and dozens of others help Mother Jones celebrate, with reflections on the near-past and glimpses of the yet-to-be.

Trading Up

The dark side

Bob Dole’s nasty streak may mean trouble for Newt Gingrich.
Bob Dole on the record