Mother Jones Magazine Cover : January + February 2024

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  • Cover Story
  • After the Crash

    After a brand-new police force chased a Crow boy to his death, it vanished—leaving the tribe without answers. Again.

  • Unnatural Selection

    The Venus flytrap can be purchased at Walmart—but its years in the wild may be numbered.

  • “I Want to Know How Much I Was Used”

    Can sexual abuse survivors trust the independent investigators who promise accountability?

  • Worked Up

    Unions are hot right now. But can organizers reverse decades of decline?

  • Arch Rivals

    Cori Bush’s stance on Israel is powering her opponent’s primary campaign.

  • Blowing Smoke

    Biden tried to protect Black smokers. Big Tobacco had other ideas.

  • Popping Off

    How T.Rex Arms’ videos smuggle hardline Christian ideology to a gun-toting audience

  • Star Struck

    Who does the celebrity memoir serve?

  • The Algorithm

    What we mean when we talk about “the algorithm”

  • The Elephant in the Room

    Are zoos good for animals?

  • Pay Dirt

    Want farmers to embrace conservation? Leverage their subsidies.