November/December 1997

Believe it or not

  • The World of Religion According to Huston Smith

    A scholar discusses Eastern religions, New Age spirituality, and LSD.

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Undercutting education; Mastering movie hype; More on Don Sipple; No generic drugs for South Africa;


The audit that will save your lights.


A possible remedy for liver disease.


Book and music reviews; critical essays on culture


Julia Child, Albert Einstein, and me.


the dalai lama

The Tibetan spiritual leader talks with the renowned American Buddhist.

A Mother Jones Investigation:

"Hello. I’m Calling This Evening to Mislead You."

Phony grassroots campaigns are one more reason to be careful of what you sign.


The biggest threat to the Catholic Church could be sexual desire in the priesthood.

The $100 Christmas

A small revolt takes hold in the author’s New England hometown.

Faith: Marianne Williamson Is Full of It

The high priestess of New Age is healing America one auditorium at a time.

Why Einstein Wasn’t an Atheist

Seven scientists reconcile their belief in God (or lack thereof) with their work.

Does the Bible Tell Me So?

The Good Book isn’t just a list of rules; it’s a rich conversation.
PLUS: lost in the (biblical) translation.

Ward Connerly

The anti-affirmative action crusader confronts the consequences of his own success.