The Scoop: Homeless in Chicago

I read a lot of articles, especially on the Internet. None of them has ever made me cry — before now.

Natalie Bensimhon


In case readers are still struggling to get a mental picture of the “underground street” from Bob Harris’ magnificent (as in “mile”) story, think back to where Jake and Elwood had their high-speed chase with the police near the end of The Blues Brothers movie. That’s Lower Wacker Drive.

Rob Sherman,
Buffalo Grove, Illinois

Readers React to Geov Parrish

Clinton’s Karmic Payback

Geov Parrish is a hard-core, closet-communist, lefty nut!

His inane, pinko column about the supposed persecution of Comrade Clinton is one of the worst-written pieces of party propaganda since Pravda folded.

Perjury in a federal court under oath is a damned serious crime. Why you liberal ratbags continually keep trying to switch the subject to popularity polls and sex is anybody’s guess. None of that has anything to do with this impeachment.

Of course, a liberal who isn’t vague, illogical, or confused is no longer a liberal — they are a conservative.

Mazel tov,
Cleve Blakemore


Impeaching the Commander-in-Chief

Geov Parrish: Get a life. Defending Hussein is not worth an ounce of anyone’s time. The man is a despot who should be destroyed. He is a danger to his community and all of us. Geov must have been Neville Chamberlain in another life.

Mr. Clinton is doing the right thing. Too bad Mr. Bush blew it.

George Magit This writer accuses others of lying while he publishes the propaganda of the Arabs who for over ten years have used their oil money to try to influence the world about their innocence and that America and the J— are responsible for all the ills. Where are his facts that only civilian infrastructure was bombed? Has he visited the country and seen the destruction with his eyes? Is his motivation based on his hatred of war (as we all are) or does he find satisfaction in belittling the U.S.A.? You know the old saying, you can always join your friends there and experience the wonderful world of a dictatorship.

Herbert Epstein

Iraq??? Libya??? You Decide

Name That Dictator

Your comparison of American propaganda/strategy re Iraq and Libya is refreshing — more historical comparisons of the structure and methods utilized by western governments for self-serving PR should be made and serious articles written. Speaking of articles, what about the one I sent you a month ago?

Thank you,
Carole Tootill