March/April 1999 Cover Protest: In Your Face
Loud Mouths in Quiet Times
Wake up, America! There are activists under your bed.


The Mother Jones Interview:
Matt Groening

by Brian Doherty
The genius behind “The Simpsons” is launching the long-awaited new cartoon, “Futurama.” But can one hirsute man with a rabbit fixation pull off two top-notch comedies? And will Fox network care either way?

Wide Angle
Photographs by Antonin Kratochvil and Cho Sung-Su
From Venezuela and the most violent prison system in the world to the lonely streets and subways of Seoul, South Korea, two photographers document the struggles of discarded youth.

More Work, More Play
by Deborah Blum
New neurological research shows that our brains develop best in an extended-family, multiple-caregiver environment — which might just mean that 9 to 5 daycare is the best thing going for your kids.

Protest: In Your Face
Loud Mouths in Quiet Times
Wake up, America! There are activists under your bed.

The Medium is the Meringue
by Ana Marie Cox
The Biotic Baking Brigade’s made-for-TV pieings have thrust it onto the national stage. But does such culinary agitprop really get its message across?

Innocence by Association
by Sara Kelly
Mumia Abu-Jamal is the most recognizable figure in the death penalty debate. Yet the meaning of his case has taken on a life of its own.

FWD: RE: Read This Now
by Bronwyn Fryer and Lakshmi Chaudhry
Your e-mail is clogged with petitions and protests. Who’s sending them? Who’s reading them?

The Man Who Loves to Hate
by Kerry Lauerman
It’s easy for national gay-rights groups to dismiss the Rev. Fred Phelps; they don’t have to live down the street from him.

Size Does Matter (and nine other tips for effective protest)
by Jeff Goodwin
A longtime student of protest offers some useful advice.

by Alex Markels
The most destructive act of environmental sabotage in U.S. history caused $12 million in damage to Vail ski resort — and may have shattered the cause it was supposed to serve.


The Photograph
Doing our best to get banned in Afghanistan (as if we weren’t already)

It’s a metric world after all; Playa Vista defenders; Job Corps differences; Sen. Russ Feingold


Rocket Man
A Helping Hand
Guilty Feet
Easy Being Green
April Hellraiser

Prick or Treat
Label Conscience
Misguided Ambition: Label Conscious
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Cause Celeb: Rob Reiner
Global Eye: Greetings from Revolutionland
Reagan’s Cover Story

Power Plays
by William Saletan
Dick Morris’ White House memos reveal that this whole Clinton mess has gone exactly according to plan.

Your Ad Here
by G. Beato
Giving the readers what they need — not what they want

Well Being
by Laura Fraser
“Collagen injections and a butt tuck? Coming right up, sir.”

Media Jones
Top five licensing ventures; Stephin Merritt’s loves; music, book, and film reviews


An inside look at Mother Jones.

The Future of…

Corporate protest
Cartoon by R. Sikoryak