Oldtimer Athletes’ Pensions
Re: “Pension Extension for NBA Elders? “

David Davis might like to look for parallels in the long-time and successful battle for justice by National Hockey League veterans, led by Carl Brewer.

D. B. Scott
Cambridge, Ontario


Bush’s Impotence, Israel’s Entitlement
Re: “Bush’s Mideast Lessons”

I do not know if Bush has any control over anything. I never know what we are talking about when we talk about Bush because I think he is a total fabrication. I do not know how much control his father had. I do know his ability to squander advantage, whatever control he had, was monumental. I see no difference here. I feel as if the second string is running the western world.

Jan Orr


I think Arafat is merely a puppet of Syria, the Saudis, et al. The moment he allows any lessening of the terrorism aimed at Israel, he will be killed and replaced.

Also, I believe Bush’s “War on Terrorism” and “War on Evil-Doers” only legitimizes and encourages Israel’s retaliation in response to Palestinian attacks. No one has had to endure more terrorism per square mile than Israel; if we have the right to remove existing leadership in other countries, whether abusive or humane, then we can’t protest Israel’s right to engage in the same activities. Can’t have it both ways.

Cathryn Baillie



Middle Ground and the Arsonist
Re: “The Politics of Victimhood “

Good article — but I’m afraid the goverments, individuals, and religions involved will not accept a middle ground. That is the nature of those on the extremes — middle ground isn’t an alternative to them, which is why they are on the extreme. At best, those in the “middle” can continue to try pulling extremists onto their ground, but this is difficult — just read history to grasp this.

It is nice to read an article that advocates a middle ground. With the exception of Colin Powell, most of the other Bush folks are moving towards extremism, and take great pride in their position of religious, moral, and ethical righteousness.

D.L. Martin


Mr. Gitlin, I think you live in a fantasy world where the survivors of murder victims smile and say, “Oh, well.” Not me. I am one of those Jews who lost three relatives to the Nazis. By the mere fact that that happened, I know it can happen again and will act to ensure that it does not. The violent subculture of so-called Palestinians are not as organized as the Third Reich, but their hatred and bloodlust equals it (and they egged on Hitler during World War Two).

This is about Israel’s existence, not land, and the Jews have every right to protect it. War can be brutal, but the Arabs bring it on themselves, as they brought war to Israel a half dozen times since 1948.

The Jews’ feelings of victimhood arise from their having been actual victims in a thousand ways over thousands of years, and they’re sick of it. Now they’re not acting as victims. They’re acting as a people backed into the last corner left for them.

Remember the difference between the arsonist and the fireman. This is a worthy metaphor.

Cliff Shubs