Contents | November/December 2002

Cover Story: Water for Profit

Corporate-managed waterworks were supposed to save money and improve services. But as Atlanta and other cities around the world are finding out, water and profits don’t always mix.


South Africa’s Driest Season

South Africa’s attempt to privatize has led to clean drinking water for those who can afford it, and cholera for those who cannot.


Jailhouse Talk

Part whistle-blower, part social worker, radio host Ray Hill is a gay ex-con whose Prison Show keeps the incarcerated (and their families) together.


The Land of the Setting Sun
Photo Essay By Peter Granser
Text by Bill Donahue

Who ain’t gonna play Sun City? Not these residents of the nation’s first seniors-only community.

Lie Detector Roulette

Polygraphs are barred from courts and private workplaces. So why are the careers of cops and federal employees being permanently derailed by dubious science?

The New Range Wars

Coalbed methane fever has hit. Can Wyoming’s Powder River Basin survive?


Editor’s Note

Where there’s smoke, there’s pork; NIH loyalty oaths; leave no child unrecruited; Ollie’s high seas follies

Balls-out doggies; higher power bars; in the pink

A Confederacy of Cronies

In the Bush boardroom, democracy is not a bottom-line value.

Operation Constant Vigilance

Unpatriotic reader, beware.

Home Field Advantage

In Green Bay, the cheeseheads own the team.

Hard-Core Philanthropist

The NGO days and boogie nights of a porn philanthropist.

Tough Love
Pit bulls and junkies. Don’t worry, it’s a good thing.

Hunger in the Heartland; Aimee Mann on the economics of being oh-so-indie; any book club that would have you…; plus more book, music, and film reviews

Ask your doctor about…
Cartoon by David Fullarton