Cover Story: The Thirty-Year Itch

Amid the 1970s oil crisis, a group of Washington hawks laid out a plan for U.S. domination of the Persian Gulf. Three decades later, the Bush administration is moving in for the endgame.


Outback Nightmares & Refugee Dreams

When a few thousand asylum seekers hit its shores, Australia responded with a naval blockade, internment camps, and deportation. Now other nations are looking to the “Pacific Solution” as the way to be rid of refugees.

Up Against Wal-Mart

Poverty wages, unpaid overtime, surveillance cameras, and an all-out war on unions: It takes more than everyday low prices to be the world’s largest, most profitable retailer.

A Tale of Two Chinas

In the new China, growth is good, and history is, well, history.

Living in an Age of Fire

With some of their sons and brothers accused of being a “sleeper cell,” the Yemenis of Lackawanna, New York, have faced the nation’s small-town suspicion with silence.

The Patient Predator

Experts call it an “emerging epidemic” and “Ebola with wings.” It preys on poverty and rides the currents of globalization. It’s becoming immune to antibiotics. It’s tuberculosis — and it’s deadlier than ever.


Editor’s Note

Snuffing out the tobacco treaty; Iowa’s medicinal bumper crop; DOD’s $1,000 cheese warmer; Cheney’s favorite Clintonite; snack PAC attack; the Valdez syndrome; plus Dr No freebies

The Pocket Prez; the all-seeing eye; and our thirsty-fry guide

The Short, Unhappy Life of Campaign Finance Reform

McCain-Feingold took six years to pass — and six days to derail. A look at the grave future of campaign finance reform.

The Bad Guy

In search of Jose Padilla: Is he an enemy combatant? Or the perfect fall guy?

As the World Burns

Long ago, in a decade far, far away, the Bush plan on global warming begins…

Balance of Power
Kurdistan’s balancing act

Carl Elliott on better living through chemistry; Ruth Ozeki talks about potatoes, politics, and PR; the Weathermen storm the screen; plus more book, music, and film reviews.

Political Fantasy Camp
Cartoon by Greg Clarke