As the World Burns

Think tanks and journalists funded by ExxonMobil are out to convince you global warming is a hoax.


Climate of Denial: Introduction

One morning in Kyoto, we won a round in the battle against global warming. Then special interests and pseudoscience snatched the truth away. What happened?

Some Like It Hot

A dose of doubt trumps years of solid science, but skepticism doesn’t come cheap. ExxonMobil is spending millions to sustain an echo chamber of global warming denial.


Why the “balanced” media would rather promote paid flaks and fantasy than report the biggest story on earth
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Medicating Amanda

When state mental health officials fall under the influence of Big Pharma, the burden falls on captive patients.

Ghost Children of Big Mango

We cringe at the suffering of street children. But why is the quality of our mercy constrained by age?

The Middleman

What exactly was South African executive Asher Karni importing from the U.S. and exporting to Pakistan? Medical devices? Or the makings of a nuclear bomb?

The Side Effects of Truth

Dr. David Graham’s research has saved countless lives. So why is the FDA so eager to shut him up?


Editor’s Note

Martial-rule America; Smut, breast implants, and other boobs on Capitol Hill; Rent to owe at Rent-A-Center; Ten Commandments kitsch; Disney’s Cultural Revolution; plus the profit-driven Hellraiser slashing bills for the uninsured

The Parent Trap

The president’s Social Security overhaul promises to bring the family together—in a way that may split it apart.


When a sleepy Midwestern community tried to treat high-speed Internet like a public utility, commercial broadband giants spared no expense to win the Battle of the Bandwidth.

Lauren Slater examines the spawn of the Nobel Sperm Bank; Jonathan Safran Foer on nightmares, 9/11, and fiction that matters; unearthing Orwell’s Burma; plus more book, music, and film reviews

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