The Great Debate of Our Season
God and Country: Where the Christian Right is leading us


Original Intent

No matter what the religious right says, the Founding Fathers purposely left God out of the Constitution.

A Nation Under God

The disciples of R.J. Rushdoony aren’t waiting for the end times.
They mean to transform the government into Christ’s empire on earth.

Professing Faith

Baylor University’s faculty is battling over whether Intelligent Design belongs in a Baptist institution of higher learning.

Rendering Unto God

The National Christian Foundation has discovered a whole new way to collect money from Christians and dispense it to the cause.

Expanding Universe

The Religious Right’s Orbits of Influence

A Higher Frequency

In the beginning, the creators of Salem Communications set out to found some Christian radio stations. Oh, what they begat.

When My Light Is Almost Gone

Can Gulf Coast black churches overcome Katrina’s destruction?

Death Row Conversion

Across America, conservative Catholics have decided that defending
a “culture of life” requires opposing the death penalty.


Editor’s Note

Smith vs. Darwin; Sanctimony and Senator Santorum; atheism’s lobbyist; onward
Christian congressmen
; a killer’s compassion; the man who brought George to Jesus; plus religious theme parks, and godly constitutions

Who Gives A $%&t?
Americans spend $8 billion on Christmas decorations, almost twice what the United States spends on aid to Africa.

The Roman Inquisition

For a thousand years the Catholic Church has been a refuge for gay men. Now Pope Benedict hopes to “purify” his priesthood.

Who owns Tom Paine? Joshua Wolf Shenk on the politicization of America’s founding heretic; California teen Hyder Akbar returns to his Afghan homeland and encounters warlords, collaborators, and dysentery; Jesus on the newsstand; plus a compilation of religious books and

Resources for getting involved

Take Two Tablets
Cartoon by Barry Blitt

Cover by John Hersey