Half of Earth’s species face extinction this century. Can Homo sapiens live without them?
PLUS:A photo essay by Richard Ross.

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Editors’ Note

PR eye for the dictatorial guy; No. 1 with a bullet; why Satan loves climate change; inside the black market in AIDS drugs; sticking it to the Burning Man; the dinero conspiracy; how Congress can keep Bush’s finger off the trigger; and zooming in on human rights abuses.

Even Better Than the Real Thing

Sweatshop gamers, virtual terrorists, avatar porn, and other tales from the digital frontier.

A Message To You, Rudy

You are now entering Rudy Giuliani’s First Amendment-free zone.

Paying For My Hot Air

Can you offset your global warming guilt?

Kevin Drum on how Bush fights terror with error; Jeff Tweedy talks about Wilco’s sharps and flats; plus more book (The Canon, Retained by the People, Redemption Song), film (The Trials of Darryl Hunt, The Third Monday in October), and music reviews (Blackwing Yalobusha, Gutterfly, Traffic and Weather, Momento).

Resources for getting involved

Going, Going, Gone: Our Vanishing Biodiversity


Security Contractors ecurity Contractors: Riding Shotgun With Our Shadow Army in Iraq

Steeler and Pirate will get you to Baghdad—so long as you take a machine gun, grenades, and a bunch of Kurds armed to the teeth.

Seeing Red Seeing Red

Eating local food isn’t just about the environment, it’s about debunking the red-blue divide.

Don't Whistle While You Work Don’t Whistle While You Work

Thanks for warning us about spies, terrorist threats, and murderers on the government payroll. You’re fired!

Fitting Tribute Fitting Tribute

Your friend gets killed. You get a T-shirt. Just another day in Miami’s Liberty City.

Not in Their Back Yard Not in Their Back Yard

When asbestos was found in El Dorado Hills, California, residents rushed to protect themselves—from reality.


Teflon Is Forever

Why we’re stuck with DuPont’s miracle chemical.