Totally Wasted

Just who is winning the War on Drugs?

What’s Your Water Footprint?
Nice jeans. Too bad they cost the planet 2,866 gallons of precious H2O.

PLUS: It’d be easy to conserve water if it weren’t so damn cheap.
First, Do Harm
First, Do Harm
Doctors were involved in torture from the start. Can the medical profession redeem itself?
I Love a Mark in Uniform
Why won’t the government take action against the sleazebucket used car salesmen who prey on our troops?
42 Hours, $500, 65 Breakdowns
My weekend with the slightly spooky self-help gurus at Landmark, or how I Enrolled in the Possibility™ of a bathroom break

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Collapsitarians court the apocalypse; GIs as nerve-gas guinea pigs; dark times, dark stores; corn syrup’s mercury surprise; mortgage meltdown: landlord edition; Gitmo jurisprudence on US soil



Media Jones

Amy Benfer on the resurrection of Ayn Rand; plus more music (Those Darlins, Best Crisis Ever, Gone: The Promises of Yesterday, Coconut Rock), books (The Spiders of Allah, Belching Out the Devil, Rewilding the West), and film (Kassim the Dream, Afghan Star) reviews

MoJo Interviews

Practical Values

Cover illustration by Tim O’Brien