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Joint Ventures

  • These righteous business dudes want to leverage California’s lucrative ganja industry into the next Emerald City. Oops, sorry bro—Silicon Valley.
  • Green Jobs
  • California’s “green rush” has inspired a slew of above-ground businesses that cater to marijuana growers. Here’s where budding hempreneurs can…

Nearly a year after the Haiti quake, rape gangs terrorize tent cities. Disaster profiteers have swooped in to gouge the poor. Food remains scarce, and aid undelivered. Welcome to reconstruction hell.

PLUS Who has come through (and who hasn’t) on billions of dollars in Haiti recovery pledges; the pros and cons of giving; and five organizations that can do a lot of good with your bucks.
In the Name of the Mother
Lawyer Harold Cassidy wants to defend the rights of women—so much that he’s fighting tooth and nail to make abortion illegal.
Trial by Fire
Her house has been bombed and her children threatened with murder. But Afghan prosecutor Maria Bashir won’t quit going after men who beat and starve their wives.

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Is Congress headed back to the ’90s?; hard to starboard, Cap’n Boehner; save those Beanie Babies; too sane for Congress; “I have a dream. Next slide, please…”; chasing the dark money behind the midterms; meet the (herbal) tea party boss; TransCanada’s oily pipe dream; the credit terrorists have won; the face of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Mixed Media

How a Tracy Kidder bestseller lit up Arcade Fire, Peggy Orenstein gets pinked, black men acting presidential, Gogol Bordello’s gypsy-punk revolution, plus book, film, and music reviews.


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