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  • The Turncoat
  • To many on the left, Brandon Darby was a hero. But to FBI officials consumed with busting anarchists, he was the perfect snitch.

Crazy Like a Fox
Don’t be too quick to dismiss Michele Bachmann as a Palinesque sideshow.
To Catch a Warlord
Bosco Ntaganda stands accused by the International Criminal Court of heinous war crimes. So why is he free and living the high life in Congo?
Get a Job
Colleges that’ll get you hired
PLUS Scholars Without Dollars, The Write Stuff, Beyond Ramen.

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Libertarians take over New Hampshire (and they ain’t Romney voters); NYPD rookies’ trial by fire; $320 million worth of US military bands; why for-profit colleges love the GI Bill; Obama—patsy or crafty?; LEED certification: “like requiring people to wear copper bracelets for arthritis!”

Mixed Media

From Omar Little to Chalky White, actor Michael Kenneth Williams has a knack for portraying likable bad guys; Craig Thompson tackles religion, love, and debauchery in his epic new graphic novel; Michael Ondaatje almost writes a comedy; plus book, film, and music reviews


Cover illustration by Tim O’Brien


The centerpiece of our package on the FBI’s counterterrorism program (“The Informants“) is the result of a yearlong effort by 1 Trevor Aaronson, a 2010-11 Investigative Reporting Program fellow at the University of California-Berkeley.

Mother Jones news editor 2 Nick Baumann reported on how the bureau enlists repressive regimes to interrogate US citizens (“Locked Up Abroad—for the FBI“), while staff reporter Josh Harkinson investigated the FBI’s infiltration of leftist groups (“The Turncoat“).

3 Jeffrey Smith, whose paintings grace the package, started out making Mexican album covers and now freelances for a who’s who of major publications. In 2004, he won a gold medal from the Society of Illustrators.

Reporter Tim Murphy (“City on a Quill,” and “Crazy Like a Fox“) recently bumped into Michele Bachmann near our DC bureau’s go-to sandwich joint. (He got the cold shoulder.)

For 30 years, 4 Anita Kunz, who illustrated the Bachmann story, has brought magazine pages, books, and gallery walls to life, earning Canada’s highest civilian honor for her work.

5 Mac McClelland (“To Catch a Warlord“) covers human rights for Mother Jones.

A former cop, 6 Antonio Bolfo (“NYPD Blues“) animated games like Amplitude and Guitar Hero before pursuing photography full time.

Trevor Aaronson
Jeffrey Smith Nick Baumann
Anita Kunz
Mac McClelland Antonio Bolfo