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Dark Money: A Special Report

The Love That Dares
Hate speech, death threats, and evictions aren’t stopping Uganda’s gay community from coming out to fight. And party.
The Frog of War
When an herbicide company attacked Tyrone Hayes for exposing atrazine’s effects, it messed with the wrong biologist.
No Country for Innocent Men
Rick Perry pardoned a wrongfully accused prisoner after a revealing confession. Only one problem: He was 10 years too late.

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Elizabeth Warren stumps for the middle class; Four OWS organizers look back on how it all began.; How the 99 percent meme went viral; Why is the Susan G. Komen foundation downplaying BPA’s risks?; Map: Nukes in your backyard; Can New Orleans’ public defenders survive a deluge of budget cuts?

Mixed Media

Fashion godfather Tim Gunn on Project Runway; Treme‘s Wendell Pierce takes on food deserts; Homeland‘s creators on making a female Jack Bauer; plus book and music reviews


Cover illustration by Tomer Hanuka


New York City photographer 1 Jacob Blickenstaff (“They Came, They Saw, They Occupied”) spent most of the fall at Zuccotti Park.

Staff reporter 2 Josh Harkinson returned to his home state of Texas to write about fracking pioneer turned GOP financier Trevor Rees-Jones (“Rigged“). One of the story’s photos was taken by John Loomis, a regular contributor to ESPN the Magazine. The lead essay in our dark-money package (“Occupied Washington“) is by Mother Jones co-editors Monika Bauerlein and Clara Jeffery.

3 Tomer Hanuka is proud to have drawn the cover with “a touch of rage.”

MoJo reporter Mac McClelland traveled to Uganda to write about what it’s like to be homosexual in a country infamous for its “Kill the Gays” bill (“The Love That Dares“).

4 Dashka Slater (“The Frog of War“) is the author of three books for children. For Slater’s piece, photographer Annie Tritt tried to get a scientist to kiss a frog—no dice.

Contributor 5 Beth Schwartzapfel (“No Country for Innocent Men“) was pleasantly surprised to find that her potty mouth was no match for that of Texas Innocence Project attorney Jeff Blackburn.

MoJo managing editor 6 Elizabeth Gettelman, who interviewed Tim Gunn (“Top Gunn“), is writing a book about her grandfather, one of the nation’s last house call pediatricians.

Jacob Blickenstaff
Tomer Hanuka Josh Harkinson
Dashka Slater
Elizabeth Gettelman Beth Schwartzapfel