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The Few. The Proud. The Afflicted.
Can a bunch of macho Camp Lejeune Marines help scientists find the causes of breast cancer?
Emissions Impossible
Forget Washington’s inaction on climate change. A grassroots rebellion is racking up victories against dirty coal.
The Power of One
At the far ends of the earth, ferocious women like Enriqueta Velarde are fighting to protect species from extinction—and they are succeeding.

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Is that truck hauling a nuclear bomb down I-95?; Sterilized against their will; Fiscal tyrants hijack Michigan’s public sector.; Obama’s war on Cheerios (and poker and capitalism and…); Big Tobacco’s enemy No. 1; No sperm left behind!

Mixed Media

Jen Pahlka’s army of tech stars reboots America—one city hall at a time.; Timothy Noah on closing the income gap; Buzz Bissinger’s long, strange father-son road trip; Regina Spektor riffs about fleeing the USSR, dolphin noises, and Jiminy Cricket.; plus book and music reviews

Food + Health

Cover illustration by Gary Taxali


In our cover package, Monika Bauerlein, Clara Jeffery, Stephanie Mencimer, and Tim Murphy (“WTF, GOP?”) explore why Republicans seem determined to blow an election that was theirs to lose. Artist Gary Taxali, who drew this issue’s cover, has also created a children’s book, a line of vinyl figure toys, and the cover art for the latest Aimee Mann album.

Contributor 1 Mark Hertsgaard (“Emissions Impossible”) chronicles how activists imposed a de facto moratorium on new coal plants. His latest book is Hot: Living Through the Next Fifty Years on Earth.

2 Daniel Shea‘s coal photos have been shown in museums all over the world.

According to Mother Jones environmental correspondent 3 Julia Whitty (“The Power of One”), one measure of the improved health of Rasa Island is that its gulls pelted her with 400 percent more guano in 2011 than in 1980.

4 Florence Williams (“The Few. The Proud. The Afflicted”), who writes about a breast cancer cluster at a Marine base, is the author of the new book Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History. Photographer 5 Grant Delin’s work has also appeared in Interview, W, and Vogue.

6 Tasneem Raja (“Code Warrior”), our digital interactive editor, interviews Jen Pahlka, the superstar coder who’s using her gaming experience to help transform struggling cities.

Mark Hertsgaard
Daniel Shea Julia Whitty
Florence Williams
Tasneem Raja Grant Delin