Mother Jones Magazine Cover : July + August 2013

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  • Cover Story
  • Gagged by Big Ag

    Hidden cameras have been exposing horrific conditions at factory farms. Big Meat’s solution? Throw whistleblowers in jail.

  • Under Water

    Flood, rebuild, repeat: Why we pretend the next big storm won’t happen—and flush billions in disaster relief down the drain

    PLUS: A Sandy every other year?

  • Merchants of Meth

    Merchants of Meth

    With big profits on the line, the drug industry is pulling out campaign-style dirty tricks to keep selling the meds that cooks turn into crank.

  • Happy Microbes, Skinny Jeans

    Happy Microbes, Skinny Jeans

    The trillions of bacteria inside you could be the key to everything from defeating allergies to losing weight.

  • Outfront
  • How I built an AK-47

    Forget 3-D-printed guns. At a “build party,” anyone can make a rifle no cop will ever know about.

  • Semi-auto stats

  • The vanishing newsroom

    My father spent his life in this newsroom. Now I’m witness to how the business has forever changed.

  • Anonymous’ anti-rape vendetta

    Since Steubenville, the hacktivist collective has found an ethically dicey new role: seeking justice for rape victims.

  • Is the Mormon church done dissing gay marriage?

    All they had to do, really, was get out of the way.

  • MLB’s SOBs

    MoJo’s guide to the national pastime’s deepest pockets and reviled personas.

  • Capitol Hill cliques

    Paul Ryan vs. Rosa Delauro. Kegs vs. kombucha. Bowhunting vs. bow ties. Meet the Hill’s frattiest and funkiest members.

  • Dial “L” for Landfill

    Making it harder to unlock your device works out great for phone companies. Not so much for the planet.

  • Sows in Solitary

    Imagine spending your entire pregnancy in an airline coach seat. That’s what we do with breeding sows.


Before trying gun building (“Some Assembly Required“), Bryan Schatz’s arms-making experience included forging a rimu-wood-hilted knife during a bike tour of New Zealand.

When he was a kid, Will Steacy (“Stop the Presses“), ran through the Philadelphia Inquirer newsroom while visiting his father, an editor there.

Up to four government minders at once shadowed 1 Kate Sheppard (“Under Water“), while she reported on sea level rise in Vietnam; after Hurricane Sandy, illustrator Yuko Shimizu hosted friends who had lost power in her New York City apartment.

2 Jonah Engle (“Merchants of Meth“), has covered narcotics for Foreign Policy, WNYC, and Deutsche Welle; photographer 3 Stacy Kranitz spent much of the last three years camping and sleeping in Walmart parking lots while documenting Appalachia.

Nebraska’s own 4 Ted Genoways (“Gagged by Big Ag“), is at work on a book about the meat industry in the great recession; the art is by 5 Tim O’Brien, who has drawn 13 Mother Jones covers since 2003—including this issue’s.

6 Moises Velasquez-Manoff (“Happy Microbes, Skinny Jeans“), is the author of An Epidemic of Absence, a book exploring how bacteria and parasites affect health; his reporting has deepened his understanding of his own allergies, asthma, and alopecia.

Kate Sheppard Jonah Engle
Stacy Kranitz
Ted Genoways Moises Velasquez-Manoff
Tim O'Brien