Mother Jones Magazine Cover : March + April 2016

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  • Cover Story
  • Sheldon Adelson Goes All In

    The billions he made in Chinese casinos may decide the presidential race. But has he overplayed his hand?

  • Sex Negative

    When my state passed one of the most rigid abstinence-only sex education laws in the nation, I went back to school.

  • Dreamers of the Golden Dream

    Does California have a blueprint to fix global warming?

  • Car Trouble

    A subprime boom, insane interest rates, predatory lending, a private-equity frenzy. Sound familiar?

  • Claim of Privilege

    Claim of Privilege

    Meet the former stockbroker using civil rights to take down affirmative action.

  • Arsenal of Democracy

    Arsenal of Democracy

    American arms abroad

  • Take Me to Your Leader

    Take Me to Your Leader

    Close encounters of the Beltway kind

  • The Smartest Guns in the Room

    The Smartest Guns in the Room

    The gun even the NRA doesn’t want you to have

  • Contemptible Collectibles

    Contemptible Collectibles

    Haunting objects from Jim Crow America

  • Love in the Time of Boko Haram

    Love in the Time of Boko Haram

    Muslim chick lit

  • Explain That Tune

    Explain That Tune

    The Song Exploder podcast takes listeners behind the music.

  • Game of Clones

    Game of Clones

    Inside TV’s new clone wars


Following up on her widely cited investigation into the plaintiffs in last year’s Obamacare Supreme Court case, Stephanie Mencimer now profiles the man behind a new crop of litigants challenging long-standing civil rights laws (“Claim of Privilege”); the illustration is by Edmon de Haro, a native Barcelonan who has worked with the New York Times, The Atlantic, and FiveThirtyEight.

1 Matt Isaacs spent years covering gangsters and gambling in Macau with the University of California-Berkeley’s Investigative Reporting Program (“Sheldon Adelson Goes All In“).

MoJo senior editorial fellow 2 Becca Andrews regularly writes about reproductive health (“Sex Negative”); photographer 3 Edmund D. Fountain lives in New Orleans and was a Pulitzer Prize finalist in 2010.

4 Gabriel Kahn (“Dreamers of the Golden Dream”) covers the intersection of climate and the economy; he is still trying to figure out how far a single charge can take his Nissan Leaf.

5 Gary Rivlin (“Car Trouble”) is an investigative fellow at the Nation Institute and the author of five books, most recently Katrina: After the Flood.

6 Ben Voldman is a Brooklyn-based illustrator who has drawn for web comedy outlet Funny or Die—look online for an animated version of the hermit crab he contributed to this issue (“Killer App”).

Matt Isaacs Edmund D. Fountain
Becca Andrews
Gabriel Kahn Gary Rivlin
Ben Voldman