Mother Jones Magazine Cover : January + February 2018

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  • Cover Story
  • Go Fund Yourself

    Paying for health care is now a popularity contest.

  • Busted

    One overdose, one dealer, one county, one cop: a portrait of the crisis consuming America

  • The Jackson Advocate

    Can Ben Jealous do what generations of Democrats have tried—forge a rainbow coalition that can win?

  • Inside Track

    Kamala Harris isn’t a bomb thrower—she’s a reformer. But that might not play with today’s left.

  • Ctrl. Alt. Repeat.

    Seven years before Russia hacked the election, someone did the same thing to climate scientists.

  • A Nation of Enemies

    The young Army officer who built America’s first empire of paranoia

  • Do You Struggle With Trump Fatigue?

  • Single-Minded

    Can single-payer get off the ground in California?

  • No Man Is an Island

    A search for family in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico

  • Smoked Out

    After wildfires gutted his town, a Dreamer rebuilds.

  • Over the Rainbow

    Randy Rainbow’s Trump bump

  • Carrie On

    Carrie Brownstein says goodbye to Portlandia.

  • Constant Sorrow

    America’s racist musical heritage