Mother Jones Magazine Cover : September + October 2019

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  • Cover Story
  • Plan C

    Whatever happens, women will once again be the collateral damage.

  • Where Roe Doesn’t Reach

    The women of Mississippi are already living in the post-choice world.

  • When Your Rapist Demands Custody

    Forced into pregnancy—and to co-parent

  • Troll Story

    How Matt Gaetz used bullying, his dad’s money, and a whole lot of sucking up to Trump to become a star

  • Burn. Build. Repeat. 

    California’s wildfires are getting worse. So why are we still developing in the danger zone?

  • Hold the Line

    Carlos Spector pushed back on Trump’s border crackdown—and pushed himself to the brink.

  • Judge Dread

    Inside the courtroom of America’s harshest asylum judge

    • Class Warfare

      The sudden death of a neighborhood school

    • Civics Lesson

      In the Trump era, can a Republican ever be too much of a jerk?

    • Investigate Less, Smile More

      Is Richard Burr throwing away his shot to investigate the president?

    • Approach the Bench

      Cupcakes, hugs, and a clean slate for sex trafficking survivors