Mother Jones Magazine Cover : January + February 2023

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  • Home Front

    Ukrainians who fled the bombs return to rubble and dust.

  • The Dirty Secrets of Elite College Admissions

    The Supreme Court is set to kill affirmative action. Just not for rich white kids.

  • Black and Blue

    Torn between his community and badge, Officer Jervis Middleton had to make a choice. It didn’t go well.

  • Stranger Dangers

    How a site full of kids became a magnet for predators, and what it means for tech’s future

  • One More Time for the Pundits in the Back

    Are media commentators really so clueless about the media?

  • Maga Mayhem

    Republicans’ new agenda: burning down the House

  • The Great Reprieve

    Maybe a “red wave” takes more than stale right-wing grievances.

  • What Lies Beneath

    The Big Excuse: January 6 was a white power rally, repackaged.

  • Friend Zoned

    Why do lesbian characters keep getting typecast as sidekicks?Why do lesbian characters keep getting typecast as sidekicks?

  • Suicide by Cop

    “Suicide by cop”: how language got loaded with excuses to kill

  • A Watershed Moment

    Rain gardens can help cities adjust to a changing climate.

  • Power Lunch

    Hey, schools: quit shaking kids down for lunch money.