Bernie Sanders Explains to Stephen Colbert How He Can Still Take Out Hillary Clinton

“You can’t give up on that contested confection. You’ve got to rock the system.”

Bernie Sanders has a response for anyone wondering why he hasn’t dropped out of the race for the Democratic nomination: “It is not a lost cause.”

The Vermont senator shared that message with Stephen Colbert on Monday night, as the Late Show host struggled to get his hands on a much-desired candy bar that got lodged inside a broken vending machine.

“You can’t give up on that contested confection,” Sanders said, swaying the machine to successfully release the candy bar. “You’ve got to rock the system!”

As for today’s West Virginia primary, Sanders told Colbert he believed he had a good shot at victory against Hillary Clinton, because in West Virginia, and elsewhere, “too many people are working longer hours for low wages and they want change, Stephen.”

Sanders remains competitive in individual upcoming primaries—judging by polling numbers for todaybut he is still far behind in the number of delegates needed to overtake Clinton before the Democratic convention in July.