Samantha Bee Smacks Down Angry Bernie Supporters

It was a night of bro-bashing.


According to Samantha Bee, Bernie Bros were too deep in their “Bern-gasm” at the Nevada caucus last February to meet the delegate deadline. That’s what led to the chaos a few months later at the Nevada Democratic Party convention, when a group of his supporters lost a dispute on convention rules and delegate eligibility and then lost control of themselves. The uproar reportedly involved violent behavior and death threats directed at party leaders.

On last night’s episode of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, after walking viewers through the complicated Nevada election landscape, she assured viewers that the election didn’t get stolen from Sen. Bernie Sanders in the Silver State: “The fact is nobody stole the Nevada election—he just lost!”

Just the way he did in other states.

“I love the passion of Bernie supporters,” Bee said. “But why is it curdling into rage at their own party?”