Obama Tells Samantha Bee a Halloween Story That Should Truly Terrify You

The president predicted what the female equivalent of birtherism will be.

President Barack Obama continued his media farewell tour on Monday with an appearance on Full Frontal With Samantha Bee, where he made a pitch to young people to get out the vote next Tuesday.

“This is probably the most important election of our lifetimes,” Obama said. “The choices could not be clearer. If we want to build on progress on issues like climate change and gender equality and making sure everybody has health care and making sure young people have a good education and can afford college, they’ve got to make sure their voices are heard.”

He also shared his prediction for what the female equivalent of birtherism might be if Hillary Clinton is elected president.

“I think the equivalent will be ‘she’s tired,’ ‘she’s moody,’ ‘she’s being emotional,’ ‘there’s something about her,'” Obama said. “When men are ambitious, it’s just taken for granted. ‘Well, of course they should be ambitious.’ When women are ambitious, ‘why?’ That theme will continue throughout her presidency, and it’s contributed to this notion that she’s hiding something.”

Bee concluded the interview by asking the president to share a spooky Halloween story. His response should actually terrify you.