Sarah Huckabee Sanders Reads Letter from Nine-Year-Old Praising the President

When asked about Trump’s ban on transgender military service, she threatened to end the briefing.

President Donald Trump may be busy hurling threats at lawmakers in his own party, unsettling the Boy Scouts, and publicly undermining the attorney general, but the White House would like the record to show that the president has made at least one new friend this week: nine-year-old Dylan.

In a rare on-camera appearance Wednesday, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders opened the briefing by reading a letter supposedly written by Trump’s adoring fan.

“You’re my favorite president,” the letter read. “I like you so much that I had a birthday about you. My cake was the shape of your hat.”

Sanders continued by answering a few questions from Dylan, including “How much money do you have?” Instead of using this as an opportunity to finally provide Trump’s tax returns, Sanders assured Dylan the president had “a lot” of money.

“I don’t know why people don’t like you,” the letter continued. “You seem really nice. Can we be friends?” Sanders assured Dylan that the president would indeed be his friend.

She concluded Wednesday by threatening to end the briefing if reporters continued to ask her about Trump’s announcement banning transgender people from military service. 

Update: Sanders provided proof of Dylan’s existence: