After Shep Smith Fact Checks Uranium One “Scandal,” Fox & Friends Fuels Conspiracy

How Trump’s favorite show reacted to Hillary Clinton warning about a Republican “abuse of power.”

It’s as if one network was existing in two alternate realities. 

On Tuesday, Fox News anchor Shep Smith dismantled his network’s embrace of the Uranium One story, explaining in great detail how the popular conservative conspiracy theory was a non-story.

On Thursday, Fox & Friends host Ashley Earhardt bashed Hillary Clinton’s for claiming, in a new interview with Mother Jones, that the story had been discredited:

“She says in that statement, she says, ‘Has Uranium One been debunked—Uranium One has been debunked countless times by the press and by independent experts.’ Who’s the press? CNN? Wall Street JournalWall Street—I mean, The Washington PostThe New York Times?”

In case Earnhardt missed her colleague’s earlier meticulous takedown of the Uranium One narrative, here’s a clip: