A Word About Our Sponsors

You have to love an ad that’s such utter bullshit that it can count on the Fertilizer Institute for sponsorship. Among the other sponsors of the Global Climate Information Project:

  • The American Farm Bureau Federation, a multi-billion-dollar insurance company and policy advocate for American agribusiness.
  • The Coalition for Vehicle Choice, an astroturf (synthetic grassroots) group set up to oppose emission-control regulations for auto manufacturers (see also American Automobile Manufacturers Association)
  • The Chemical Manufacturers Association, an industry group that has lobbied hard to kill the Community Right to Know Act and Toxics Release Inventory, which allow the public to find out which and how much of 650 toxic chemicals industries are releasing into their communities.
  • The Global Climate Coalition, created by dozens of industries back in 1989 to combat “the myth of global warming.”
  • The United Mine Workers of America — While some union leaders argue for a “Worker Superfund” to provide employees economic security as they transition out of dangerous or polluting industries, former UMW leader Richard Trumka (now the number two official in the AFL-CIO) argues that coal mining has to be protected as a “way of life.” The result is the recently formed coalition between the UMW and Peabody Coal to oppose the Climate Change Treaty. Given that both these organizations have a history of armed combat — with each other — this should be considered a fragile coalition at best.


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