Stoners are better drivers

In an attempt to show the dangers of using drugs while driving, the British government ended up proving what every pothead already knew, the LONDON TIMES reports: Stoners are better drivers.

Facing pressure from motorist organizations and anti-drug campaigners, the government commissioned a four-week study of doped-up drivers to gauge their reaction times and awareness. Instead of concluding — as the government clearly hoped they would — that drug use increased the risk of accidents, researchers instead found the mellowing effects of cannabis made drivers more cautious, and hence, safer.

The study is, to say the least, a setback for the government’s “don’t drive on drugs” campaign, which already includes several TV and radio spots.

“If you were to ask me to rank them in order of priority, fatigue is the worst killer, followed by alcohol, and drugs follow way behind in third,” said the author of the report.