Bird droppings in the UK

For birds in the United Kingdom, the choice seems to be clear: either find a new home or start packing heat. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds reported 681 crimes against wild birds in the UK last year, a significant increase from previous years, reports the BBC.

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The crimes included shooting, poisoning, and a curiously high number of nest robberies. (The MoJo Wire was unable to ascertain the street value of a peregrine falcon egg.)

One possible explanation is that some types of birds, such as the red kite , are now far more widespread than they were, thanks to efforts to reintroduce them. However, the RSPB says existing laws preventing crimes against wildlife urgently need to be strengthened and enforced more consistently.

Recent years have been tough on the whole for British birds. Last month, the INDEPENDENT reported on the perplexing disappearance of the house sparrow from British cities.