The Art of Compromise

For those who didn’t see it yesterday, read Josh Marshall’s piece on Democratic strategy vis-à-vis the nuclear option. Even though the vast majority of voters in this country are siding with the Democrats, Harry Reid still floated a compromise, saying that perhaps he might allow a few of the least-egregious judges through in exchange for taking the Republican “nuclear option” off the table. (The Democrats would take this deal because they know the nuclear option isn’t just meant to help confirm the seven judges currently under question; it’s meant to confirm all manner of radicals and nuts yet to be nominated.) Well, read Josh’s post for an analysis of the various ins and outs of this compromise, but needless to say, it seems to have worked.

Today Karl Rove rejected the Reid compromise out of hand. And Bill Frist just followed suit. Indeed, it’s important to see that the Republicans can’t achieve anything less than total victory on the filibuster issue lest they incur hellfire and wrath from the James Dobson crowd from now until Judgment Day. And maybe beyond. So unless Rove and Frist have some master tactic up his sleeve, it looks like he’s finally cornered himself between a wingnut and a hard place.

UPDATE: Also, Jeff Dubner’s take is well worth reading.