British Royal Society Slams ExxonMobil on Global Warming

Via Crooked Timber, the British Royal Society has written to ExxonMobil, stating that 39 of the organizations listed in Exxon’s 2005 WorldWide Giving Report for ‘public information and policy research’, feature information on their web sites that,

“misrepresented the science on climate change, either by outright denial of the evidence that greenhouse gases are driving climate change, or by overstating the amount and significance of uncertainty in knowledge, or by conveying misleading impression of the potential impacts of climate change.”

The author of the letter, Bob Ward of the RS, writes:

“At our meeting in July … you indicated that ExxonMobil would not be providing any further funding to these organisations. I would be grateful if you could let me know when ExxonMobil plans to carry out this pledge.”

Recall that Chris Mooney, author of The Republican War on Science, in a piece for Mother Jones detailed how ExxonMobil ExxonMobil spends millions to support “public policy” groups whose aim is to undermine the scientific consensus on global warming (that it is real; that humans contribute to it).

Copy of the Royal Society letter here (PDF). Mother Jones‘ special report on global warming here.