University of Nebraska Takes Matters Into Its Own Hands

The University of Nebraska has a specialty in the study of indigenous peoples, so it decided to hire Bolivian expert Waskar Ari as an assistant professor of history and ethnic studies, to teach from August 15, 2005, to May 16, 2008. However, Professor Ari has yet to teach a class because the Department of Homeland Security will not process his paperwork. The university paid $1,000 for expedited processing, which guarantees a response in fifteen days. DHS returned the $1,000 and explained that it was waiting for security checks and clearance. Apparently, these have never taken place.

On March 2, the University of Nebraska filed a lawsuit against DHS and DHS director Michael Chertoff, and others. The suit was filed to stop the agency from “unlawfully withholding or unreasonably delaying action” on the university’s petition. The suit also argues that DHS did not have the authority to investigate security allegations during the employer’s petition stage.