The Numbers Add Up on U.S. Attorneys Firing Scandal

Let’s review the numbers on the U.S. Attorneys scandal.

26 – The number of U.S. Attorneys that the DOJ targeted for dismissal, according to yesterday’s reports. (That’s roughly one in every four USA nationwide.)

9 – The number of U.S. Attorneys we previously knew had been targeted, and were either fired or resigned under pressure.

8 – The number of USAs Alberto Gonzales claimed in testimony to Congress composed the whole of the scandal.

6 – The number of Senate Republicans who have called for Gonzo’s resignation.

And today you can add a new number to the list:

4 – The number of additional USAs the Washington Post reports this morning were also on the DOJ’s hit list, bringing the total number of USAs targeted for firing to 30, roughly one-third of the entire U.S. Attorney team across the country.

Oh, and might as well add these, too:

1 – The number of no-confidence votes Senate Democrats will offer against Gonzales as early as next week.

0 – The amount of shame/credibility/integrity/respectability Alberto Gonzales has left.