CDs Out Today and a Word from Critics

mojo-cover-unkle.JPGUNKLE – War Stories (Surrender All)
Billboard: 4/5; “Soulful”
NME: 5/10; “Solid”
Blender: 4/10: “Turgid”

mojo-cover-prince.jpgPrince – Planet Earth (Sony)
Entertainment Weekly: B+; “Thrilling”
Slant: 3/5; “Anesthetized”
Pitchfork: 4.8/10; “Diminishing”

mojo-cover-tegan.JPGTegan & Sara – The Con (Vapor/Sanctuary)
AV Club: A-; “Ecstatic”
Entertainment Weekly: B+; “Catchy”
Chicago Tribune: 4/5; “Epic”

mojo-cover-yyys.JPGYeah Yeah Yeahs – Is Is EP (Dressup/Fiction)
Pitchfork: 8.2/10; “Affecting” 8/10; “Genius”