Straw Poll Roundup: Man Down, Man Down!

Talking of quitters… We’ve now got a second candidate out of the Republican presidential race. Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore was the first to go (he dropped out in mid-July) and yesterday Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson followed him.

Thompson had more or less wagered everything on Iowa, and after finishing sixth in Saturday’s straw poll he decided to call it quits. Here are the full results of the straw poll, which I remind you, aren’t worth much. But nevertheless, take a good look at John McCain’s numbers. He didn’t campaign in the poll (nor did Giuliani or Fred Thompson), but heavens to Betsy:

– Mitt Romney 32% (bought his victory)
– Mike Huckabee 18% (he’s funny!)
– Sam Brownback 15%
– Tom Tancredo 14%
– Ron Paul 9%
– Tommy Thompson 7% (see ya!)
– Fred Thompson 1% (now the lone Thompson)
– Rudy Giuliani 1%
– Duncan Hunter 1%
– John McCain
– John Cox