Brodner’s Person of the Day: Blackwater USA

Iraqi Death Squad Militia of the Day

Blackwater USA

Blackwater is one of a number of private companies working for the U.S. in Iraq. They handle security detail with particular, er, zeal. They are not accountable to Iraqis nor the U.S. military. So when piles of bodies get higher and the list of witnesses to random and senseless killings grows, Iraqi officials call for the expulsion of the company. But, it seems, it doesn’t matter. The only one whose decision seems to matter is “The Decider.” Mr. “Childrens-Do-Learn.” So we carry on with all this, giving the world and Iraq more reasons to love us. Seems like rivers of blood, seen through the filter of green, would look a lot like. . .Blackwater.

“They’re repeat offenders, and yet they continue to prosper in Iraq,” said Rep. Jan Schakowsky. “These guys represent the U.S. to (Iraqis) and there are no rules of the game for them.”


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