Friday? Don’t Cry For Me Music News Day


  • Beyonce‘s November 1 concert in Kuala Lumpur has been cancelled after the singer refused to conform to the country’s dress code for performers. Muslim groups had protested the concert, which would have been Beyonce’s first Malaysian show. The nation’s Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage instituted performance rules in 2005 including the dress code, which mandates that female performers show no skin between the tops of their chests and their knees. Insert “Bootylicious” joke here.

  • Radiohead have announced that a website containing a cryptic countdown and purporting to be related to the band is a hoax. Radiohead’s actual site features coded messages that many have interpreted to be announcements about the band’s upcoming album, including a message that it could be released in March, 2008. Why make us work so hard, Radiohead?!

  • The latest Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees include Madonna, Beastie Boys, John Mellencamp, Leonard Cohen, Donna Summer, Chic, Afrika Bambaataa, The Dave Clark Five, and The Ventures. Five acts will receive the honor. What’s the point of this again?

  • The “Who Killed Biggie Smalls” mystery gets more mysterious: an inmate who had previously implicated the LAPD in the crime has now renounced his testimony, saying it was a “scam” to get money from the city. Waymond Anderson, serving time for murder, says he “did what he had to to survive,” and that a lawyer for Biggie’s family was in on the scheme. Confused? Me too.