With World Not Tense Enough, Israel and Russia Decide to Provoke Their Neighbors

The Israeli and Russian air forces, apparently bored with the amount of violence in the world, picked today to provoke their neighbors. Eight Russian planes were “warned off” from the NATO air defense zone by British fighter jets, the BBC reported, while the New York Times reported a Syrian claim that Israeli jets had violated Syrian airspace.

Some important differences between the two incidents should be noted. The Russians never violated British airspace, and the British defense ministry said that “the re-emergence of long-range flights from Russia is something the Russians are entitled to do.” The Israelis, for their part, would not comment on the Syrian allegations.

If true, however, both of these events represent unnecessary provocations in already-tense situations. Israel and Syria have been trying for months to convince each other that neither wants war, and this incident will strain already frayed nerves. And while Russia certainly has the right to fly its planes in international airspace as much as it wants, its much-hyped resumption of long-range bomber patrols should be recognized for what it is: a demonstration that, as the Economist wrote recently, “the Russian bear is back—wearing a snarl with its designer sunglasses.” The world is dangerous enough. Russia and Israel should be careful to avoid making it more so.

—Nick Baumann